Seamless drawn
aluminium tubes

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Aluminium can be alloyed with a large number of metals to optimise material properties. Thus, we also offer, for example, aluminium tubes in various alloys for good machinability.


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Thorsten Stahl
Phone: +49 (0) 27 61 / 9 62 – 103


Material number

EN AW-6060
AlSiMg (A)
EN AW-6005A
EN AW-6082
EN AW-3003
EN AW-3103
EN AW-6063
EN AW-5049
EN AW-7075
EN AW-1050A

Additional alloys available on request.

Aluminium tubes

We manufacture seamlessly extruded aluminium tubes in the following dimensional ranges:
Outer diameter 10.00 – 85.00 mm
Wall thicknesses from 0.80 mm
Any length up to max. 6.00 m
Profile tubes on request.

Fixed sawing, deburring, bending, perforating, punching, drilling, end machining
Components with the highest requirements for weight, stability and dimensional accuracy often include seamlessly extruded, processed aluminium tubes from our company. We also respond to your wishes in this respect and meet nearly every request for mechanical processing and special surface finishing – including just-in-time when needed.

Lightweight aluminium

Aluminium – particularly appreciated are the low weight, the good corrosion resistance, and the high electrical and thermal conductivity of the lightweight metal.
Ferrous metals rust when they come into contact with oxygen.
In contrast, the properties of soft and tough aluminium improve with oxidation. A thin layer of aluminium oxide forms on tube surfaces, protecting the underlying lightweight metal from corrosion damage. This fine coating gives pure aluminium its specific matt-silver appearance.
Seamlessly extruded aluminium tubes are highly durable, even under pressure. The possible uses of our seamlessly extruded aluminium tubes and components are therefore nearly limitless. Advantages in weight and the high strength-to-volume ratio mean that the semi-finished products can be used, for example, in the automotive industry and in pneumatics. The electronics industry appreciates the thermal and electrical conductivity of our aluminium products. In the furniture industry, designers rely on the unique look and the opportunities for application in lightweight construction. We would be happy to have the chance to also convince you of the quality of our products and our service.

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