Peterseim GMBH & Co. KG

Precision tubing "made in Germany"

The production of aluminium and brass tubing takes place exclusively at our metalworks in Olpe. Here, in addition to a good infrastructure in one of the most densely wooded low mountain regions in Germany, we have a high recreational and leisure value. With the Biggesee, one of the largest dams in Germany is located just outside the city. In the summer months the lake with its excellent water quality offers a variety of leisure and recreational opportunities for locals and holidaymakers. We would like to preserve this quality of life of our homeland in the long term for future generations.

At Peterseim we are aware of our responsibility for people and nature. With the issues of environment and climate growing in importance, we therefore regularly invest in sustainable and environmentally sound manufacturing practices. Our long-lasting tubes are designed to help preserve the environment right from their creation.

Power and heat

Since 2012 our company has been generating energy with its own combined heat and power plant. In 2014 we installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our Hall 6 at a cost of € 200,000. As a result, more than 80 t of CO2 emissions can be saved annually. Regular maintenance of the solar cells guarantees optimum utilisation.

Besides our own generation, we rely on consumption-reducing measures such as energy-saving LED lighting in our production halls and offices.
Around 50 % of the energy required per year now comes from the company’s own production.


We use almost exclusively biodegradable lubricants. In the company’s own water treatment plant our wastewater is purified using a neutralisation process. So that no contamination of the groundwater and the nearby stream can occur even during extreme weather events, our buildings have reliable flood protection.


We recycle all production waste via a recycling system integrated into the production process. Our attention is focused not only on environmentally sound tube production, but also on the recyclability of the metals.

We process materials that comply with the legal requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance, the ROHS Directive relating to hazardous substances from electrical and electronic equipment, and the REACH Regulation. In addition, we advise our customers in the environmentally sound selection of materials.