Peterseim GMBH & Co. KG Metallwerke

We are Peterseim.

For 70 years now, we have been on hand for our customers and have grown with their demands.

The process for drawing our seamless tubes is time-tested.
Nonetheless, we invest almost every year in quality improvements, the modernisation of our production facilities, further processing options, new alloys and environmentally friendly auxiliary material. In this way we aim to achieve even greater efficiency, resource conservation and excellent service. Peterseim – that is also a well-coordinated team of around 80 employees.

Here you can learn a little more about our everyday life and current developments.

Do not miss any news –

We congratulate Michael Stracke on his 40th company anniversary

1. April 2022 -

At the beginning of the year we were able to congratulate our dear Mr. Michael Stracke on his 40th company anniversary and say THANK YOU. We can’t even count how many tons of pipes he has sold in this time or how many customers he has won and looked after for us… Michael, we are glad that you have been part of our successful team for so long!!! #peterseim #peterseimmetallwerke #olpe #danke

We collect and pack aid supplies for Ukraine

11. March 2022 -

Today not only pipes were packed, but primarily relief supplies for the Ukraine. We responded to the call from Heuel Logistics and started collecting. A big thank you to everyone who got involved with us. #peterseim #peterseimmetallwerke #heuellogistics #hilfefürukraine #olpe

40 years of service

3. December 2021 -

We congratulate our long-term employees Hüseyin Mantar and Veysel Kir
to 40 (!) years of service and thank them for their tireless commitment and their loyalty!

Peterseim Metallwerke - 40 Jahren Betriebszugehörigkeit